The Whopper Kit
Integrated Campaign

Vietnam‘s culture is all about authentic food. But when you start craving Burger King
in a long and chaotic Saigonese night, you can’t help making something out of it. 

Come up with the ultimate April Fool’s prank signed by Burger King.


Over 80% of our tasting experience comes from our sense of smell. Depending on what you smell, your perception of taste can be altered.

The Whopper kit hijacks your senses and makes any average, not-so-special, way-too-much-mayo tasting burger, taste like
a proper Whopper.

My part
I helped come up with the insight and the concept. I named some pieces inside the kit and helped with the overall copywriting.

Concept: Elena Chiaradia, Adam Braun
Copy: Elena Chiaradia, Adam Braun
Art Direction: Siddharth Shelton, Rose Elise Achard