The Whopper Kit
Integrated Campaign

Vietnam‘s culture is all about authentic food. But when you start craving Burger King
in a long and chaotic Saigonese night, you can’t help making something out of it. 

Come up with the ultimate April Fool’s prank signed by Burger King.


Once you’ve tasted the flame-grilled Whopper, any other burger can’t stand the competition.

The Whopper kit hijacks your senses and makes any average, not-so-special, way-too-much-mayo tasting burger, taste like
a proper Whopper.

My part
I helped come up with the insight and the concept. I named some pieces inside the kit and helped with the overall copywriting.

Concept: Elena Chiaradia, Adam Braun
Copy: Elena Chiaradia, Adam Braun
Art Direction: Rose Elise Achard