Mute the rumors

As if we didn’t have enough to do at Ogilvy Tokyo,
my team partner and I decided to invest our free time in this print project. 

A group of German newspapers challenged us in making local newspapers the medium for reliable information about our homeland.


Sometimes laziness makes us fall
in the trap of relying on rumors.

Represent the rumors as sound waves: a disturbing noise that will be muted once we decide to rely only on real newspapers headlines.

My part
I helped come up with the concept and wrote all the copy.

HVV raises ticket prices of 1.3%
following an undeclared bankruptcy

Mute the rumors.

Ten cars on fire in the left-wing district Kreuzburg: 
a war declaration from the rightwing extremists

Mute the rumors.

Munich: artificial grass soccer fields 
cause kids various sicknesses

Mute the rumors.

Concept: Elena Chiaradia, Laura Starace
Copy: Elena Chiaradia
Art Direction: Laura Starace, Nhi Bui