Empathic Billboards
Out Of Home

The moody winter weather of Hamburg helped me come up with this mood-based campaign.
While my partner was working from sunny Miami.

Make people in the US think about listening to Spotify instead of radio in the car.


The radio cannot guess what mood we’re going through that day, which can often be influenced by the weather or the traffic: only Spotify can give you the right song for every mood.

Spotify takes over the most trafficked highways in the US with the very first “empathic” billboards that share human feelings and change mood real-time according to weather and traffic conditions.

My part
I had the original thought and helped developing it. I invented the name of the campaign and wrote every piece of copy in it, including
the headlines for the billboards.

Concept: Elena Chiaradia, Valentina Orjuela
Copy: Elena Chiaradia
Art Direction: Valentina Orjuela