Heads, Tags and Long Copy

As a copywriter, I often enjoy picking a random brand
and coming up with some original copy for it.

Brand: Langnese
ConceptWhen it’s wintertime and we would rather go for hot drinks than ice creams,
it’s pretty easy to make the ice lolly jealous.

Brand: Play Station VR
Concept: Show how you can escape reality and turn your routine into an exciting adventure
by wearing the PSVR headset

Brand: Jeep
Concept: This print campaign teases an automotive-savvy audience by showcasing
how some of the biggest car brands replicated the model
of the iconic Jeep.
See the whole campaign here.

Brand: LELO
Concept: A scene from Dirty Dancing inspired this text about a moment of self-love.

Brand: Spotify
Concept: These highway billboards share human feelings and change mood in real time according to weather and traffic conditions.
See the whole campaign here.

Brand: Smart Fortwo
ConceptThis famous quote from Mean Girls seemed quite right to describe the iconic two-seater. 

Brand: Lego
Concept: A new brand claim idea for Lego inspired by a Pink Floyd’s evergreen.

Brand: Ryanair
Concept: News jacking OOH headline for Harry and Meghan’s wedding.
See the whole campaign here.

Concept and Copy: Elena Chiaradia
Art Direction: Siddharth Shelton