WTF’s behind the Black?
Interactive Social Video

The day I set foot at Ogilvy Vietnam was also the day the team received this brief.
Was I far from knowing that long nights at the office were waiting for us to craft this idea to perfection. 

Fanta #WTF Black Edition is a line of Fanta with mysterious flavors hidden behind the same spooky packaging. How could we make sure that every teenager in Thailand would want to try and share this new spooky experience with their friends?


Facebook is the online spot for every teenager in Thailand to keep in touch with their friends and talk about their interests.

An interactive horror video that uses Facebook connect to tease the flavors of Fanta #WTF and challenges the teens to guess them.

My part
I worked on this brief from day 1. Followed and helped the whole creative process by pitching original ideas, and wrote scripts for the final video.

Video begins: geolocalization

First hint: the man with the blueberries

Second hint: the woman with the orange

Third hint: the lost twin

Full video (screen recorded using my Facebook Connect)

Ogilvy Vietnam