Invisible Abilities
Integrated Campaign

Quarantined in Hamburg and temporarily unemployed, I decided to jump on the bandwagon
and created this piece for D&AD New Blood.

Help people with disabilities feel empowered in sex in a society that considers them asexual and refuses to accept their need for a fulfilling sex life.


Sometimes people with disabilities are even better in bed than abled people, because their physical characteristics allow them to enjoy sex in a completely new way.

People with disabilities give sex tips to the rest of the world. Everyone will have the chance to become better in bed by learning resources they have always ignored.

My part
I had the original thought and helped developing it. I invented the name of the campaign and wrote every piece of copy in it, including
the script for the case video.

Concept: Elena Chiaradia, Siddharth Shelton
Copy: Elena Chiaradia
Art Direction: Siddharth Shelton